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     TOSP is a growing, team-structured project striving to create cost-less, trustworthy educational-information platforms focusing around the vast arena of open source software & distributed ledger technologies - supporting systemic awareness, responsible education, ongoing regulatory information including recent environmental updates, and supportive integration of the nascent industries of open source coding, shared and private distributed ledger tech, blockchain, cryptoassets, decentralized applications (DAPPs), decentralized autonomous communities (DACs), decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), ICOs, digital-assets & digital-currencies, trading exchange platforms, wallet how-to guides and various decentralized projects in the related crypto-focus area.  We support open collaboration providing growth in future innovation and discovery.  We support togetherness; we support you.

     We are actively pursuing networking opportunities and joining forces with various not-for-profit, open source project platforms and organizations, distributed ledger technology leaders and innovators with common interests, providing awareness, education and support of integration within the growing community base.

     Contact us today for details regarding more detail about who we are and what we're doing here at TOSP, our current projects, how you can become a part of the TOSP Team, for assistance, questions & networking opportunities!  Those with involvement in decision-level positions with any one of the many organizations we support on the TOSP platform and have questions, copyright and trademark concerns or need immediate assistance of any kind, please contact:


Glossaire pour la Noob:



     Open Source Technology includes digitized computer software allowing its source code to be made available to the public with a license in which the copyright holder provides the rights to study, modify and distribute the software to any individual or entity, for any reason or purpose. Open-source software assists in the advancement of society by way of knowledge sharing and encouragement in intellectual growth as it provides opportunities that can be developed, grown and shared across collaborative benefactors publicly.



What is a Distributed Ledger...?

     A Distributed Ledger largely refers to an online digital database, which is spread across several nodes or computing devices.  Each node replicates and saves an identical copy of the ledger with each modification.  Each participant node of the network updates itself independently of the others, resulting in multi-database system.  A distributed ledger is not controlled or held by any central authority.



And this thing you call Blockchain...?

     A Blockchain is a single form of distributed ledger technology.  Not all distributed ledgers employ a  blockchain, or 'chain of transactional blocks' to provide a secure and valid distributed consensus method.  Blockchains are managed by and distributed across peer-to-peer networks.  Given the distributed ledger structure of a blockchain, it allows the ability to exist without a centralized authority or managing server (decentralized) and its data quality can be maintained by database replication & computational trust.

     What makes blockchain a special type of distributed ledger is the creation structure.  Blockchain is unique to distributed ledger in its design. A blockchain contains aggregated information organized in 'blocks'.  Blocks are then each linked & secured using cryptography.  Think of it as a continuously growing record database, sort of like Microsoft Access, distributed around the world on thousands or millions of servers (in concept).  Its 'append-only' code structure limits modification to an 'add only structure'.  Given the make-up, it is not possible to delete, alter or manipulate previously confirmed data existing in the blockchain. 




     When thinking of value added cases in blockchain, consider current management and record processes of legal property title ownership. Current property law includes the titling ownership rights to respective parcels of legal interest. This includes formal legal documentation, which can include deed of trust, title policy & other documents. During ownership transfer, modification is required and reliance is placed on centralized parties (i.e. legal owner; title company). This reliance has shown to insert a degree of risk historically.  

     Let's apply a real world concept to help wrap our minds around the potential use of the nascent and exciting technology; we'll call our concept the, 'Property Title BC Database'. Brad is the legal owner of a 5-acre land parcel in Kansas City, MO. Using the Property Title BC Database, Brad's legal ownership right to the property is secured not only by the information he and the title company hold at hand, including private proprietary data, but also within the multi-level distribution node structured as outline above. If one, ten or even hundreds of Property Title BC Database records are lost, stolen, manipulated or destroyed, the distributed structure and cryptographic nature of the blockchain protects Brad.  Under the centralized system, issues have risen from natural disaster, fraudulent activity, negligence and many other mishaps.

     By outlining the blockchain method, its easy to see how Blockchain technology is a well-suited tool for record keeping, tracking legal ownership, information management, record modification and processing of transactions safely & securely. While not unlimited to potential risks, Blockchain technology provides a secure record of Brad's ownership in his 5-acre parcel of land, and upon time to sell or transfer ownership, Brad has secured a visibly public, convenient and secure method for transfer of ownership.




     TOSP focuses heavily on the continuous digitization of financial services, products and platforms, including open source and distributed ledger technologies focusing on transaction, exchange and lending.  When considering this arena, we ourselves have inquisitive minds, and many questions!  What exactly do we mean by 'the digitization of finance'?  What are the real world user cases and systemic benefits of digitizing processes, automating and intelligent construction advancements in FinTech - surely costs savings and efficiency are part of it?  Do the benefits out way the costs of the tech?  How are security issues solved?  We outline viewpoints to various answers from experts in the industries by way of our ongoing project study.



THE UPCOMING, up and coming FINTECHs...?

     TOSP will soon be adding in depth focus data related to FinTech, which are not directly tied to blockchain and/ or distributed ledger technologies, although, have a respected role in the up and coming world of digital finance.  These will include individuals and companies exploring our primary focus tools, machine learning algorithms, AI tech advancement concepts, regulatory status, tools and advancements required in the world of FinTech.  Much more to come on these and other FinTech concepts and leaders soon!



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     SwapBOT .IO is an ongoing feasibility project study concentrating on the integrative synergies of and between traditional finance & trading exchange platforms, stock option platforms, FOREX, currency markets and other traditional financial market products and the nascent structure of 'concentra-decentralized' (a term TOSP dubbed in early ‘17) and decentralized cryptographic-asset, cryptographic-currency and related arenas of digitized exchange platforms structured and planned for upcoming Ethereum, EOS.IO & other smart contract friendly platforms.



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